Privacy Policy Notice

Northerner Scandinavia Inc. recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our customers.  This notice is a summary of why and how we collect and use personal information provided in our surveys. For further information on our use of personal information, please see our Nicokick Privacy Policy or Northerner Privacy Policy 
For California residents, please see our Nicokick CCPA Notice or Northerner CCPA Notice.
If you have any questions about this survey, or how we use your personal information, please contact us at privacy@northerner.com

Why do we process your personal information? We collect personal information through market research in order to get a better understanding of our customers and to evaluate, develop and improve our products and services, marketing and customer relationships. A survey may be ordered by a business partner to us, and the survey may be carried out digitally online and over the phone.  

What personal information do we collect? If you chose to carry out a survey, we will collect personal information from you. This typically includes contact details, age, gender, marital status, household composition, lifestyle and interests, information relating to your use of products, and feedback on our products and services.  

How do we use your personal information? The personal information provided by you will be analyzed for the purposes set out above. We may also combine information from a survey with other personal information that we already have about you as our customer, for example order information.  

Will we share your personal information? We may share your personal data within our company group. However, any information shared with third parties will be unidentified and often only presented as aggregated data.  By clicking “Proceed to survey” below, you confirm that you have read the information above.  

Thank you for your participation!